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We make and sell kishu binchotan, a special hard kind of charcoal, Kushimoto town, Wakayama prefecture.


火          fire

The fire is built with the kiln mouth open as the temperature in the kiln is increased.

By the time comes to open the kiln and take out the charcoal the kiln temperature has reached 1,000 degrees or more.

Hence,there is high level of purification in this process with the resulting charcoal being 97% carbon.

木         wood

Ubamegashi is produced in a kiln with the earth and stone borrowing the power of the fire and the wind and the water.

The wood shrinks and becomes charcoal.The weight is decreased one seventh the original weight and one third the size.

土         earth

The kiln is made of the red clay and stone able to bear a temperature over 1,000 degrees.The ceiling is made by mixing the baked red clay with the un baked red clay.


The most difficult part of making high quality charcoal is the adjusting and balancing of airflow in the kiln chamber.

It is important that the flow of air is equally balanced throughout the kiln chamber at all times.

炭         charcoal

The resulting charcoal (Kishu Binchotan) which is condensed natural energy has been said to be used for casting out of evil spirits and was long used for purification ceremonies, water treatment, deodorization, moisture removal, amulets, soil improvement and the cleaning of electromagnetic pollution in addition to being used as a fuel for heating purpose.

水         water

The fresh cut wood is placed in a hot kiln while still having the moisture content of a living tree.

Because of the water content the charcoal is able to be baked slowly in order to become as concentrated, hard, and heavy as possible.



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